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If you have an illustration or design project in mind, you like my work and wish to commission me or collaborate, please email and tell me a bit more about your project, or intentions.
You can also contact me with general questions, inquiries or additional info you may need or like to know. Looking forward hearing from you. Thank you.

Contact address: < >

19 Comments to “Contact me”

  1. Hi Eva – Thanks for visiting – I’m so glad you enjoyed several posts on my ‘Din Liverpool în Carpati’ blog – do you have a particular interest in Romania? Your shoe illustrations are amazing! Wish I could wear them… and wish someone with your talent would design some beautiful flat-heeled shoes for those of us who can’t wear heels!

  2. Hi Eva,

    Glad you like my painting “Tangerine.” Your poetry is lovely.

    MC Walker

  3. Hi is it my imagination or have you not been blogging – hope this finds you well. Take care KR

    • You are correct Ken, I have been not blogging for a while and I’m not certain at this time when I’m going to return to it. My husband passed away over the summer and my emotional state is not at a point where I can or able to blog at this time. Thank you for asking and being concerned about my absence, I appreciate it.
      Best regards,

      • Hi Eva for some reason I didn’t get your notification of your response above – and curious about you – I visited your blog again – only to receive your news. Can I just add condolences and assure you of prayer – may you find courage to face the future. Please take care. KR

      • Thank you very much for your comforting words Ken, you’re most kind.
        Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Ciao Eva, I just signed up to your blog, I hope you do the same! Thank you very much Giovanna
    Kiss from Italy (Venice)

  5. Dear Eva,you enrolled in, however my new address is:
    I would be pleased if you sign up to the new link

    Many thanks
    My page Facebook:

  6. Dear Eva, thanks for your wonderful comments, and for the time you have spent. I hope to continue to do good work, I thank you because you follow me! Appearance your criticism and advice! Many thanks for your kindness and sorry for my english! Thanks Giovanna

  7. Hello, sorry for the trouble, I have read your comments really smart, and I would like to have an opinion about my drawings. You’re so kind? Thank you very much. Giovanna

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