About me

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Picasso

As a first timer or revisiting, I welcome you to my site created for the craft I love.
My name is Eva Marks, studied art, have a fashion designer degree and an endless passion for designing and illustrating shoes.
A blank sheet of paper is a starting point from where I get transported into a world of eternal imagination. The source of inspiration can come from many directions; art, architecture, nature, an image, a scent, music or delivered by a dream to name a few.
My fascination with accessories, more precisely shoes has made me concentrate on the aesthetic role of the shoe. Armed with a certain aesthetic the shoe exudes, emanates an aura which is never without an effect. Colors, shapes, materials are important factors in a shoe design, decorative extras lend a great effect and an innovative concept will divert it from the basics. More than ever before accessories tend to define not only a trend, a style or status but also a personality, a character with a message to deliver a mood or feelings. Anything and everything that will stir up my emotions or senses will end up on my work sheet. Illustrating is an amazing art form, tool to express, communicate and share. By relying on my strongest skill of traditional hand rendered illustrating, I translate my design ideas onto a blank sheet of paper. Some illustrations are left in the original state of conception; some are enhanced, changed or transformed with various techniques, tools or software and displayed to give a different perspective, look or feel.

Thank you for stopping by and spending time with me and my shoes. If you wish to see more of my illustrations please visit: marksfashionbyevamarks

93 Responses to “About me”

  1. Hi Eva, Thank you for following Jane’s Lens. I hope you enjoy my work. Your artwork is fabulous!

  2. I love your fashion sketches- they are amazing. I want to wear that hat!


  3. wishing you all the best Eva on your blog, and thanks for all the likes. ~ Dave

  4. Your illustrations are gorgeous. πŸ‘

  5. You are very talented and you do have a very creative blog. Happy blogging.

  6. Thanks so much for following ZimmerBitch. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog more.

  7. Thank you for dropping by my page and noticing my paintings. Your designs are amazing, and to say you are prolific, that would be am understatement.

  8. You have such a wonderful talent and imagination Eva. I’m so pleased to look at your work as it’s so original. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ❀

  9. You have a very unique blog. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my work.

  10. A very interesting blog! What you do is truly unique. Keep going!

  11. I’m glad i found this blog. Thanks for your wonderful artworks and your beautiful words. Made me smile.

    • Thank you for taking time to visit, leave a lovely comment and for the follow, it is most appreciated! I welcome you to my site and I’m glad you enjoyed and liked my illustrations, I’m especially glad that I made you smile! It is always lovely to know I can make people smile and offer them a spot where they can relax and enjoy what they see. If you wish to see more of my work you will find fashion illustration and photography on my other WP site at: marksfashionbyevamarks.
      Thank you for being so generous with your likes.
      Wishing you a most wonderful weekend.
      Best regards,
      Eva Marks

  12. I’d love to weave a web with you. nice specific site, and delightful looking shoes.

  13. Thank you for stopping by. Wonderful illustrations! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you as well for stopping by and visiting and deciding to follow, it is a great honor knowing your family background in the shoe industry!
      I’m fascinated by your blog and I appreciate that you sharing such wonderful memories, history and images of great value!
      Best regards,
      Eva Marks

  14. Your work is lovely Eva – thank you for visiting my site.
    Wishing you a full recovery and lots more time spent with your amazing shoes πŸ™‚

  15. You’ve disappeared. What’s happened to you?

    • Life orchestrated a disappearance act…needed to comply. I do certainly hope that life will also orchestrate an opportunity for my return as well. Till such times, my efforts are fully dedicated for recovery and counting my blessing one day at the time. Hope you had a splendid summer and thank you kindly for asking about me. Wishing you a most wonderful, colourful and bountiful autumn season to you and yours Steve!~Eva

  16. Thank you for the like Eva!

  17. I enjoy your blog! You’re so talented… Amazing expression with unusual style, just beautiful! Wish you all the best!

    • Thank you so much for taking time to visit, leave a wonderful compliment and for deciding to follow, I appreciate it and I’m more than happy that you liked my illustration style. Have a most wonderful week!~Eva

  18. Your art is so unique. You have such a wonderful and creative imagination. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed my art and I really appreciate that you took time and left a wonderful compliment! My imagination is the dimension where I travel when I create , so thank you for your observation. I must say I do really enjoy your site, love your photography which is most beautiful. πŸ™‚ ~Eva

  19. really beautiful works, thanks a lot for visiting my blog

    • Thank you for visiting as well, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog site filled with the most wonderful flowers I have seen!

      • Thank you so much. It is a great pleasure to share my flowers with all the nice people in the world. Unfortunately my memory capacity in this blog is filled-up and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to delete anything. Do you have any idea? Have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

      • I wish I could help, maybe you can send an e-mail to wordpress.com and ask for assistance to find a solution. I know that some bloggers open new sites when the space filled up and guide the followers towards the new one. Maybe you can crop your photos to a smaller size which takes up less space so you can post more, that’s just an idea which can be useful as well. I hope I was to some degree helpful, I’m positive you will find a solution, you must because we need your beautiful soulful blog! Have a wonderful weekend as well Mitza! ~Eva

      • Thanks a lot, Eva, for taking your time to think about this problem. I still have some days to think about it, too. Regards Mitza

  20. Thank you for stopping by Storyteller. — Ray

  21. You are an incredible artist!!! I hope you will honor me with a visit to my gowns on artgowns.com

    • Well thank you very much for considering me “incredible” Resa! I just love what I do and always try to learn and grow together with art. I will certainly pop over to your site to see what you up to! Thanks again kindly.
      Eva Marks

  22. Hm, while I don’t currently possess a shoe fetish, if one were to peruse your fantasies, perhaps one would develop a taste…

    • I most certainly enjoyed your lovely comment and I do believe as well that one could develop a taste which is bordering an other dimension of some sort such as fantasy and bring it closer to the dimension we live in. That is the balance which I’m striving for to achieve…
      Thank you for stopping by, spending time and taking time to leave a comment.
      Best regards
      Eva Marks

  23. Excellent work and blog! Congratulations for your taste!!

    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed my work and I must say that your work is most excellent too! I really love your paintings! Your style, execution and how you treat all your canvasses with your brush with those beautiful colors which you can mix like no other is absolutely beautiful, stunning and highly enjoyable art of the highest level! Thanks for sharing your art!

  24. Hey, it’s Cameron from Threads! I nominated you for a blogger award! Thanks for everything! (:

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love shoes, and love drawing them too – it can be addictive in a way. Your drawings are fascinating!

  26. Back in the 70’s I would have worn all your gorgeous creations out on all the dance floors πŸ™‚ The Platforms I wore were always different πŸ™‚

  27. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!:)
    Greatly appreciated πŸ˜‰

    • Your poetry is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and soulful and I’m the one who should thank you for your generous words of kindness, wisdom and beauty which you offer us with your impeccable ability to translate feelings, deep insides into the soul without holding back! You’re a rare treasure and I’m glad and happy that I found your poems which is the best medicine for all of us who cannot found words to describe so eloquently as yourself!

  28. I really appreciate your likes on my portfolio. Thank you so much!! :))

    • You’re more than welcome! I believe you’re extremely talented, I love what you do! Your work quality is sublime, your technicality is unmatchable, the details of your works a exquisite and it goes on and on. All I can say in one word everything is super human perfection!

  29. Ok I had a look at your work and I agree with the comments above you are quite skilled. Your shoes have a beautiful, delicate glass like edge to them and you use color well as they quite striking, vivid even e.g. The hand bag picture. I tend to like a bold palette myself and I am always pushing to improvise the way I use color so I luv seeing it in others. I glad you came across my work as it allowed me to discover yours.

    • Thank you Betty-Ann Bryce for your lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my designs and illustrations as much I enjoyed yours. I’m happy I found you and your beautiful illustrations on WP and on Facebook!

  30. We share a passion for shoes and illustration! Your work is extraordinary, I luv it!

  31. Hello,Amazing Blog You have,You are talented,my best regards,EM

  32. Wow Eva ! I’m so happy for you ! Jutka find your site and shared it so we can see it too ! Glad that you are well and striving ! Wish you all the best and congrats for your successes πŸ™‚

  33. Beautiful shoe designs, enjoyed browsing through your blog.

  34. Eva, your black & white illustrations are extraordinary! You have an amazing gift & I’m sorry I haven’t dug deep into your blog before now! I re-blogged one of your illustrations because I want my daughter to see what you do. She was doing illustrations before & then lost interest, perhaps you can be her spark! ~amy

    • Thank you Amy for your lovely compliments, it is immensely appreciated. Illustrating is my passion, was and always will be. A piece of paper and a pen where always my best friends, combined with an endless imagination they take me to a place where I feel there are no limitations. Is magical, I love it and I like to share it especially if that can spark inspiration for some and hopefuly your daughter will be one of them. If she is interested to see more of my fashion illustrations, she can visit my other site where I post only fashion: marksfashionbyevamarks.wordpress.com I stopped posting fashion on my shoe blog and opened a fashion site not to mix together, so my fashion illustrations on my shoe blog are pretty old. There is a link from my shoe blog to the fashion blog from where you can access it directly. Thank you again for visiting, for reblogging and leaving lovely comments and likes.-Eva:):):)

      • I think you are so very gifted & your passion comes through with every word & drawing. My grandfather was a fantastic illustrator. When he would visit us & take us out to eat, he would draw anything we asked on paper napkins. I wish I’d kept them. The talent arose in my twin brother & now in my daughter, Hannah. I will be sure to share your drawing with her. She needs the passion back. She was so excited & then…wasn’t. Thank you, Eva! ~amy

      • Wow Amy, I never got such nice compliments about my work. I only know that I have to draw every day, I cannot imagine not to and to know that is so much appreciated it warms my heart and soul, so thank you for you kindness!-Eva:)


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