Thank you

thank-you“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot”~ Melody Beattie~

For all your kind words and most generous support Thank You!

May you all have a blessed and a Happy Thanksgiving!

38 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Being grateful is a way to be reciprocal with noble, good actions. It is an uplifting thing for all parts involved ❤

  2. I love the autumnal colors here- wonderful!😃

  3. Hello Eva 😀 Doing a catch up on your blog and your beautiful work… What a beautiful quote!!

  4. So beautiful is your art Eva.

  5. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you to you, too!
    Beautiful shoe, so rich and festive! You are so very talented.
    Having computer & tech issues these days. This is why I am a bit slow getting around. I will have to buy a new computer very soon.
    Take care, Eva, and have a wonderful weekend! _Resa xoxo

  6. The image strikes me as more Christmas-y than Thanksgiving-y, but it can do double duty.

  7. I have never found anyone who be as creative with shoes as you! These are brilliant

  8. So pretty! Love all the tiny little details.

  9. I like how the little lady’s face is peeking out from there… 😄
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving. 🙂

  10. wonderful autumnal colors that fit perfectly for Thanksgiving. Your shoe would fit for a fairy with a green velvet dress, but I think all your shoes are made for fairies. Thanks for sharing your beautiful shoes with us, have a good weekend, kind regards Mitza

    • Thank you very much Mitza, you’re most kind. I always enjoy how you pairing the right outfit for my shoes, love it!
      Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!
      Much love and hugs~Eva

      • I’m very glad you had a wonderful weekend, dear Eva. My weekend was nice because I visited two fleamarkets and found some nice old things for a good price. But in order to find something I have to get up at 05.00 – 06.00 h. But Hamburg is so calm and lovely on these early Sunday mornings. I love this city of my birth so much and I’m very sad that we must move sooner or later to a village far away. Hope you have a nice day with sun today. Unfortunately the weather is grey and wet here. Kind regards Mitza

      • That is wonderful when you can find some old beautiful treasures Mitza. I love that too! Why you have to move away from Hamburg? That is sad indeed…hope you can find a way to stay! Over here today is just super sunny but cold, so I will send some sunshine over to cheer you up dear friend! Hugs~Eva

      • That’s a long story, dear Eva. My husband will retire soon and Hamburg is quite expensive. We have very unpleasant and annoying neighbours, too. We could buy a little house far away and live in ecological balance growing our own vegetables and fruits, having chickens etc. But I’m not such a “farmer-type” woman. I have to concentrate on my arts and find some new friends then. The only good thing would be that I could have a cat again, a feral friend. Your good wishes helped a lot: after many grey days the sun came out suddenly and the sky is as blue as in Greece, thanks a lot, hugs, Mitza

      • I do hope that you can find a perfect place to live where you can be happy and content. I’m glad that sunny weather jumped over to Hamburg, over here we expecting some real storms, we had a warning issued for tomorrow 😦 At least we don’t have too much rain lately but it might change for November. Wish you all the best for the week Mitza! Hugs~Eva

      • Thanks, dear Eva, same to you, hugs Mitza

  11. Your work is so cool and eye-catching. Love it. ❤

  12. Love the color and style.

  13. Beautiful!!! this is so lovely Eva, wonderful unity of Autumn colors and stunning light within 🙂 also a sweet, face that peeps out…. so cute. I quite like the vignette style design you planned on this, that pulls us IN.
    ps… do I have your ok to PIN your work on my pinterest art boards? with, your credit and name on the pin…
    I just think more should SEE YOUR designs, they are awesome.

    • Of course you can pin it, I believe I have the Pinterest sharing button under all my illustrations. Thank you Debi for your wonderful compliments and kind words, it means a lot to me!
      Much love, hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

      • cool! just wanted to double check though. I don’t mind repinners, either. and Eva, you are more than welcome – I really missed not seeing/hearing you and am so happy to do so now! Turkey day isn’t for awhile yet…. but – it will be here in a blink! thank you. and you, too Miss Eva. ps. the green shoes “green enchantment’ from MONTHS ago – on my pinning list! so. so. so cool. cheers, hugs love Debi zen



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