Last of Summer Days

last-of-summer-daysWhen a cold breeze gently kisses the last of flowers,

and the bees hurriedly gather the last of powders.

When leaves change to different colors,

and the living noise of rain can be heard for hours.

When Summer daylight begins to fade,

and dreams of a glorious Autumn are to be made.

Those are the Last of Summer Days.



36 Responses to “Last of Summer Days”

  1. Really like the combination of fantastic illustration with a very visual poem honoring the ending of Summer. Well done, Eva.

  2. Wonderful and very fine words for the end of summer, my dear Eva, and, of course some beautiful fitting shoes in floral design, that are very fairylike and lovely. I love such poems, dear Eva, and you have a lot of talent. Best wishes from Hamburg, Mitza

  3. My dear Eva, I was very moved by this intense and beautiful poem you have written. The veil of darkness can be lifted, and hopefully you will see a little spot of light from the sun. In every end there is a beginning as we say here. I’m so happy to see your new shoes, and they are very beautiful – as usual. I am thinking of you and wish you all the best, your friend from Germany Mitza

  4. Random, but your poetry reminded me of Sound of Music’s My Favorite Things. 🙂 Lovely words and their depiction in the form of art.

  5. So happy to see you back Eva, you’ve been missed and are thought of often. I didn’t see your last post to comment, but I loved the design of butterflies flitting by the magic of golden light, your words and art filled the air with a very special meaning.

    This wonderful shoe design here gives us the coolness of Autumn and the last of flowers (beautiful leaf color) – loving the bees! I feel like I’m seeing into this very special garden. Love your poetry, it compliments the image perfectly – Happy Fall to you dear Eva.

    • Thank you Mary so very much for your wonderful feedback on my illustrations, always looking forward to read it. Poetry is just something newish to me but I really enjoy the process of putting feelings, thoughts together through words and combine them with the shoe design concepts. Of course not all the time, sometimes a quote can inspire me to design a shoe concept as well. I’m glad you liked both! Thank you for your always loving support and kind words dear friend!
      Wishing you as well a Happy Fall and a fast recovery. I do not know specifics of what had happened to you but I wish from all of my heart that you recover fully and completely!
      Much love and hugs.

      • We’ve all known for a long time that you have a wonderful ability to write. Seeing you express yourself so elegantly paired with your shoe designs is perfect, because of the way you are able to express your thoughts so beautifully when responding to someone’s creativity. It’s a special gift and talent, I’m looking forward to this new journey with you. So great to have you back. I’m at maybe 85% recovery, all depends on the day and have seen rapid progress made over the last two weeks. Today I ran 1.5 miles, one week ago I could only walk to the end of our street – so today was a good day. Thank you for your kind words my friend. Take care and hope you have a beautiful week designing and finding simple pleasures to capture with your lens. Love to you ~

      • Thank you Mary. Take care and I wish you as well a great week!

      • Thank you Eva. You may not see me on WP as often as I used to be – it’s a matter of physical health, but also having the time to concentrate on creating art. I’m finding I have to juggle and WP comes in last these days. Hope you have a beautiful week ahead my friend – take good care!

  6. I so love, looking into your shoes! (ok that sounds quirky! but you know what I mean) there is always so many layers for me to look at and into in your designs Eva – its this that so intrigues. love the verse that you’ve paired with the image, fits the shoe perfectly 🙂

  7. Beautiful picture. So elegant.

  8. Your illustrations are very beautiful and imaginative.

  9. Oh and I’m so very ready for those days. We hit 102 yesterday and 100 today again. Love this and wish it had started here too. Love, N 🙂 ❤

  10. The shoe is very pretty, Eva! I love it! The poem is a perfect companion. Very well done! xo



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