Flames of Love

Flames of LoveFor the forever burning Flame of Love in my heart…




My everything and more…

We will conquer and win together my love.

Happy Birthday!


31 Comments to “Flames of Love”

  1. oh my dear Eva! 😦 I read all previous comments… I’m so sorry… cann’t describe in words! I am sending you a million hugs and all support and love that you need!

  2. What a wonderful gift for your husband! Happy birthday to the man lucky enough to call you his!
    As always, your shoe illustrations are incomparable. 🙂

  3. Really overwhelming and moving post of love. You can express everything by shoes, dear Eva, even burning flames of love. I wish him a Happy Birthday, too, and tell him that he is great because he helps you. I hope for you both that you will conquer and win together. Love always wins. Virtual hugs, and all the best, my dear friend Eva, from Mitza

    • We hopping too, but unfortunately cancer cut our time together and left us with no time at all 😦 I’m very, very sad

      • When you love somebody as much as you love your soulmate it’s understandable that you want to spend time with him. I don’t want you to be so sad, but I understand you. I hope with all my heart that it will change soonest, hugs Mitza

      • We did hopped for a better change, but today I’m sitting here without my soul-mate, husband and friend and I’m extremely sad……….

      • My dear Eva, it’s really sad. I do understand you. I’m so sorry for you. Are you away from home? I’m sure he will visit you and call you in order to show his love for you. I wish I could help you, dear Eva. All the best from Germany, Mitza

      • I wish he could come home, but he went to heaven, the love of my life just passed away and I’m in much pain and very sad….cancer took him away from me after 2 long years of suffering.
        Thank you dear friend for always beings so kind and supportive, it means a lot to me…

      • I’m so very sorry, dear Eva, to hear that. You have my heartfelt sympathy, dear friend. I didn’t understand all this correctly, I’m very sorry. There is no comfort right now, I’m sure. Taking care for somebody for 2 years who is suffering is an act of love an empathy that will last to another world where you will meet again in love. I can surely understand that you are very, very sad because it’s not easy to loose the love of your life. He will become your guardian angel and help you as much as he can from heaven, dear Eva. Virtual hugs Mitza

      • Thank you Mitza for your beautiful comforting words, it means a lot to me…

      • Dear Eva, I have made a post yesterday which I dedicated to you. It’s called “tears from heaven”. Many people have expressed their sympathy for you. I give you a lot of virtual hugs and would like to know how you are? Hugs Mitza

      • Thank you Mitza for the beautiful post, words cannot express my gratitude for your beautiful and compassionate gesture. Please know that I will always keep it in my heart and I know my loved one feels the same way up from heaven….

  4. Wow, Eva, gorgeous work! 🙂

  5. my word Eva! this is so amazing…. i don’t know where you come up with these ideas of brilliance and beauty. But man, i look forward to seeing each and every one! the text is awesome. love love love. Debi

  6. Happy birthday to your husband, Eva! 🙂 ❤

  7. That is flaming fantastic!

  8. So beautiful and vibrant!

  9. Happy Birthday to your husband and many, many more to come!!! Beautiful tribute of your undying Love, Eva. Sending you and your husband prayers and well wishes! 💕

  10. Happy birthday to you husband!


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