Hidden Beauty

Hidden BeautyWhen life is not coming up roses

look to the weeds

and find the beauty hidden within them.  ~ L.F. Young

36 Comments to “Hidden Beauty”

  1. So cool…love those roses hidden inside.

  2. That is so very cool!! How come you are so creative?!?!

  3. Dear Eva, this quote is really moving and beautiful as well as the new shoe you designed. I love this rose pattern in the shoe that looks a bit like art nouveau and the margin with these black weeds, which takes up your wonderful quote so perfectly. I sometimes wish life would be perfect, too, but unfortunately it isn’t. It’s of course a special gift to find fulfillment in weeds, which not everybody has. I hope that you are doing fine, have sun outside and in your heart. Wishing you all the best and a nice weekend, virtual hugs Mitza

    • Thank you so very much for your most thoughtful feedback, you’re such a kind and sensitive lady my dear Mitza. Life isn’t easy and these days are getting even harder, trying to stay positive and see behind it all where maybe some light is still shining. Your lovely words keep my heart warm, thank you!
      Wishing you as well only the best and nicest weekend, much love and hugs sending your way ~ Eva

      • I am very happy when I warm your heart, dear Eva. But I must tell you being sensitive isn’t easy for me. But there are harder problems, I guess. It is still quite cold here. We went to our old farmhouse museum to see some little sheep and geese etc. Virtual hugs, Mitza

      • That sounds like fun to me, love small animals. We have over here too sometimes small petting zoo exhibitions and it’s great fun!
        Have a wonderful week Mitza~ Hugs ~ Eva

  4. ….and beauty IS hidden within! Lovely, my dear Eva! 🙂

  5. Your design is like letting us see the soul and wonderment of weeds – a perfect quote mirroring your beautiful work. We have some weeds down here in TX, I’ve never seen before, but they are the prettiest things I’ve ever seen (white, purple, yellow and pink flower heads). Your background draws me right in, while your shoe buckle fascinates and has me sticking around longer. Hope you have a beautiful weekend Eva.

    • What a wonderful and complete description of this illustration, every little detail is mentioned! Love when eyes do wonder around my designs and depict the layers upon layers, much appreciate such “taking time” to see the hidden corners. Thank you Mary, you’re such a wonderful and sensitive observer!
      Wishing you as well a beautiful weekend my dear friend! Much love and hugs to you ~ Eva

  6. Beautiful! And a terrific quote. 🙂

  7. dear Miss Eva, Diva of the Wicked Mad Shoes; your Roseweed Shoe design is so exciting! if my foot could fit, I’d love to slip into them and go out for the night!! I’d be the envy of I’m sure with these on 🙂
    Fab design. Love the Background Madly!!!!
    these shoes are Hot! debi-zen

  8. A wonderful artwork with well said words, Eva.

  9. Ah, Eva, as beautiful as always! TY, lovely lady!

  10. Beautiful, Eva. And such wonderful words to live by.

  11. So very true. Your illustration is yet again stunning. Loving the detail on the side of the heel that looks to me as if it’s a three dimensional adornment hanging from the side. Beautiful color palette and sparkles too! I love the way you framed the piece with low tones of weeds as if we’re looking in to the light! Bravo!

    • Thank you Rhonda, and yes that adornment is something which hangs out on the side filled with roses and it’s like a cameo type of bling-bling. Glad you liked it!
      Have a most wonderful weekend filled with sunshine and flowers of a Spring kind! Much love and hugs!~Eva


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