Time Spinner

Time SpinnerTick and tock

watching the clock.

Seconds and minutes,

turning to hours,

an illusion which isn’t ours.

No beginning and no end,

just a moment to behold,

between a tick and a tock

of a time spinning clock.



56 Comments to “Time Spinner”

  1. Your illustrations are gorgeous! Love the steampunk influence, too.

  2. Beautiful illustrations here. I’m enjoying them. πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful Eva! I like the steampunk elements and colorsπŸ˜ƒ

  4. You’re getting cosmic on us here.

  5. Such a great design, Eva. It has a bit of SteamPunk style in this one. I love the subtle colors and the clock in the heel is so clever! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  6. Ma’am! You are a genius!!

  7. I really like this one. Steampunk heels!

  8. What a brilliant concept, Eva! πŸ™‚ xx

  9. Just when I think your design can’t get any better – your creativity blossoms again and mesmerizes. How incredibly fantastic Eva. A brilliant background, with the face of a (grandfather?) clock and Springtime jewels shining and glistening as the shoe takes center stage. Love the brass shine as the light hits it, wonderful spots of purple, but the clock heel, well it’s awesome! Love your poem – pairs perfectly.

    • Wow Mary love your thoughts on this piece, I always get exited when I read your feedback! You see so deeply into my intentions, clues, and hints which I like to integrate into my illustrations and designs as much as possibly can that it really thrills me that you understand my work. I so really appreciate your generosity, thank you!
      It appears I got some sort of obsession with writing or at least trying to write poetry, I have mentioned before to others that it sort of comes to me at night so I keep a pad and pen close by and I scribble it down in the dark! Looks funny when i get to see it in the morning hehe…
      You certainly made my day or evening I guess! Thank you once again from all my heart! Hugs~Eva

  10. I too am in love with the illustration and the fantastic poem. The clock on the heel seems very appropriate in our hurried times. Brilliant work as always Eva!

    • Thank you Rhonda for your lovely feedback! I just mentioned to someone that I write at night, the idea for the poems come to me when I try to sleep! Weird, so I keep a pad and a pen close by and I scribble in the dark not to lose the string of my thoughts. It looks really funny in the morning when I try to read what I wrote in the dark πŸ™‚
      Hope you had a wonderful day!
      Much love and hugs~Eva

  11. So beautiful and creative,
    I love your works.

    All the best, ❀

  12. It worked this time Eva. I think it was because my comments were waiting for approval. Hugs, N πŸ™‚ ❀

  13. Eva, love your design!
    I think its very urban and trendy in a darkly shadowed way, lol. I love it! great poem to match. WOW! what do you do with all your fantastic designs, surely you market them!! cheers, Debi

    • Thank you Debi for your on trend compliment! I just mentioned to somebody that some fashion trendy ladies wouldn’t mind walking on a ticking clock, lol…
      I wish I could do that, but I have no clue, I just know how to design really! Selling, marketing was never my forte so to speak. I guess I need to hire somebody to do that and all other negotiations which I failed at.:)

  14. Eva, this shoes are fantastic!!!!

  15. Cool illustration of the idea – spot on…gb kr

  16. I want to reblog this on my site, but it won’t let me. Is it not okay with you? πŸ™‚

    • That’s weird, I got reblogged many times and I totally allow anybody to do it. I have checked my post and I have the reblog on, so please try again. I must admit I’m not that good with technical stuff I would have no idea how to fix stuff, I can only tell you that it was working for others. On the other hand, thank you so much for considering to reblogg my work, it’s an honor and I appreciated very much! Hope it will work out, let me know if you still have issues with it! Hugs~Eva πŸ™‚

  17. I love this! It is so very true! πŸ™‚ ❀

  18. Fabulous illustration, Eva! You know, a shoe clock is a very neat idea. It’s kitsch enough to sell. xx

  19. wonderful words and beautiful design, dear Eva. You are a poet and a designer. It’s not so easy to combine a clock and a shoe together but you succeeded, dear Eva. Beautiful colors in the background. Hope you are fine and have such a nice sunny day as we have here, the birds are singing. Virtual hugs Mitza

    • Thank you Mitza very much for your most generous feedback. I wrote the poem at night, usually that’s the time my brain somehow is more creative in the poem section hehe… I always have a pad and a pen on my night table, I never know when and what is popping up in my head. Happy to hear you got nice weather finally! Our birds are singing too like crazy. In the morning is a symphony of bird talk, it’s so cute, LOVE it! Much love and hugs~Eva

      • That’s something we have in common again, dear Eva. My imagination runs wild when I go to bed and try to fall asleep. I don’t know how many beautiful things I invented at this time, but never wrote it down because then I would wake-up again… sigh

      • Cool, maybe we are some sort of a sisters from an other dimension, I always wanted a sister! Have you got my comments on your latest post Mitza! I’m asking because I wrote it three times, tried to send it but something wasn’t working with wordpress that day. I gave you a message to tell me if you got it, but till now you didn’t responded! I was so upset, was so annoying and bothersome. If you did not get it, I will try again to go in and rewrite, but you know is not the same when you see something and write at the same moment or you have to rewrite! Anyhow it was a most lovely post, as I said I love the blue doors of Greece and probably would have one if I would live there hehe…From your shots I picked the second one to live in and for the old doors theme my favorite shot was the last one! I always love when you take us to Greece so thanks for those great images! Have a wonderful day tomorrow Mitza!
        Much love and many hugs to you~Eva

      • Nice idea to have a sister from another dimension. I could be your elder sister, dear Eva. I unfortunately didn’t get your comment yesterday but I understand from this comment that you liked my doors. I love to take you to Greece or to Germany as well as you take me to your world. Much love and hugs, Mitza

      • Oh that’s very frustrating, I really don’t like when you write and something goes wrong, at least you know now what happened. Sure, we will show each others world hehe…that would be lots of fun!
        Much love, hugs and a wonderful weekend to you!~Eva

      • Yes, I had these problems, too, sometimes. Now that wp changed the way you blog I find it much more difficult. Before I could put the photos as I wanted to and now I cannot change it. Do you know how that works? Love and hugs Mitza

      • What exactly do you mean with when you say, you could put it how you wanted but not anymore? Because I load up only one image per post but you have a collage of photos and then I can view each separately. I have never did that to have more then one image per post, is that the problem you having issues with? I wish I could help, I’m so not good with this technical stuff and I hate it if they change something, it gets so confusing. Most time I ask my husband if he can help me or I go to the help section of WP and try to find something there.
        Love and hugs ~Eva

      • yes, that’s the problem only when you post a gallery like I do. I could shift the photos in the order I wanted to have them, but now it’s not possible anymore. But thanks for thinking about it. Have a nice day with sun, dear Eva, love and hugs Mitza


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