Leap 29

Leap 292016 is a Leap Year, so this goes out for those unique individuals born in such a year. The Universe celebrates you.

I’m not weird,

I’m limited edition.   ~Unknown~

37 Comments to “Leap 29”

  1. This is just stunning. I feel I could dance across the universe with such shoes. 🙂

  2. Fantastic work as always, Eva. I saw someone else mention you not showing up in their reader. I’m not sure why, but it’s the case with me too. I’ll work on fixing it.

    • Thanks K’lee! I know, what’s going on! I can’t help though, I have no clue how to fix technical glitches like that, hope you find away, your knowledge is much better then mine with problems like that. Let me know how did it worked out!
      Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Designer “Olympic” track shoes – ones that I might see the high jumpers use to spring right off the toe. The awesome heel will take the wearer to heights never achieved before – a magical experience. Very unique and very cool Eva!

    • I’m overjoyed that somebody saw my inspiration, the real(existing) inspiration behind this design! Thank you Mary, you’re amazing! The wearer of this will certainly will have a tremendous “Leap”, the whole concept of this design has many layers and reasons and I’m always so thrilled if and when somebody can see behind it. You have a unique sense of perception that what’s makes you very unique and a beautiful artist!
      Well you certainly made my day, so thank you for that Mary! 🙂

  4. what a crazy idea, dear Eva, that really seems to come from another galaxy. You have such fantastic ideas always. Wonderful colors also in the background. For this shoe I only see an astronaut dress that would fit, hehe. Have a wonderful day, regards Mitza

    • Exactly, suitable for a walk in space hehe…now that sounds crazy for sure but hey, you never know one day we might have space fashion shows and then I might just get famous instantly hehe…my mind went out of this world on this one 🙂

      • I hope you get famous on earth first, hehe, because you really have talent. Just saw a very interesting film about Karl Lagerfeld yesterday evening. I really love this guy. He has so much talent and is working hard and has a very special life, a beautiful man with a lot of intelligence and very witty. Hugs Mitza

      • I love the “Kaisser” too, he is a super intelligent man indeed, a walking, living legend who took the Chanel house to the top. I believe for more then 40 years he is the head designer and the only designer who can do the job. Despite his age, he is a very energetic, extremely hard working, young spirited, very modern man. His mind is extremely sharp, and he has an extensive knowledge about anything you would like to discuss! I Highly respect him, hey he is from Hamburg as well! He is a “Designer” perfection! Hugs Eva

      • Yes, I know he’s from Hamburg, from one of the nicest parts where only rich people are living. But he always wanted to go to Paris and learned French already when he was a child. I’m glad you know so much about him, too and seem to appreciate him a lot, dear Eva. Have a wonderful sunny weekend. Our weather can only be described with very unpolite words. Rain, rain, dark grey, but I’m always busy with something and don’t remark it, hehe. Hugs Mitzaq

      • We had sun today, I send you some 🙂

      • thanks a lot, unfortunately you didn’t blow strong enough, we had rain nearly all day long, but I visited two fleamarkets and made some good bargains and biked in the rain, hehe

      • 🙂 sorry, my magic didn’t work 🙂

  5. Eva, you are a limited edition, for sure! The shoe sketch is fabuloso! ⭐

  6. A-ha-ha – “limited edition” [we all are, aren’t we?!]!!! Love it, Eva! 🙂 xx

  7. You finally appeared on my Reader! Yay! This is brilliant!

  8. A very provocative heel to ponder Eva. I am imagining what it might feel like to wear such a unique heel. Of course I’ve never been able to wear high heels so this might just be what I need! 😊 Lovely colors and wonderful sparkle!

    • Thank you Rhonda, you made me smile! This might not be anybodies typical footwear hehe… it is somewhat a very different as I mentioned “limited edition” one of a kind weird out of this world unique crazy heel made up by my imagination. Glad you liked it though and made you ponder upon how one could balance itself on it 🙂
      Have a most wonderful day my dearest friend! Hugs~Eva

  9. I’m always amazed watching women walking on high heels. Now you come up with a totally new (for me) walking concept… 😉


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