Golden Gold

Golden GoldNature’s first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay. Β ~ Β Robert Frost

29 Comments to “Golden Gold”

  1. Thanks so much for following I really do appreciate it – Fonz

  2. This design is freakishly good….

  3. Eva…your work is so elegant and sophisticated…I’m looking forward to seeing hard copies strutting around the globe one day!! cheers!

  4. I love your illustrations-shoes that are inspired by whimsy, joy, and nature. And they are wonderful to look at! (Plus sparkly stuff πŸ˜‰ )

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and compliment, it is much appreciated that you took time to leave a feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed my illustrations, a way of how I express myself, it is always wonderful to know that on some degree had an impact of positiveness.
      Wishing you a great weekend.~ Eva

  5. Wow, looks like a tiger’s skin. Beautiful.

  6. What a beauty!
    The green may turn to gold in Frost’s poem, and the gold may never stay.
    However, here, in your heart’s art, the gold forever plays.
    Well done my friend! The beautiful shoes you design are the beauty of you. xo

  7. Robert Frost is equally great in making poems as you are in designing your beautiful shoes. This time the shoes looks a bit Indian to me, might be because I just listen to Indian Music (Ravi Shankar). But this golden touch with a little flame design could be wonderful with a colorfull Indian silk-dress. The floral frame is wonderful and reminds me of art nouveau, which I love so much. Hope you are fine, Eva. Yesterday we had -7 and snow storm and I went with my bike…. It was beautiful, even though my make-up was smeared and I looked as if I had been in a brawl, hehe, virtual hugs, Mitza

    • I love art nouveau as well! Lately I’m very much into poetry and with this design I tried to tie the two together best I could to represent the beautiful poem.
      Love how you always pair the shoes with a perfectly matching outfit, you’re the only one who does that and
      I really enjoy your visions over it! Thanks Mitza, you always make my day more beautiful!
      -7 is really cold and I can just imagine that makeup problem, hehe, I would just snap a shot of it if I would be over there πŸ™‚
      Stay warm and have a lovely rest of the week! Hugs~Eva

  8. Eva, love this one, especially the touch of green. Wonderful color scheme.

  9. Lovely hues of gold and green wrapped in a perfectly splendid heel!! Love the sparkles throughout not just in the heel but atmospherically! I especially like the way you used the leaves as a frame. Pure joy Eva. And the poem illustrates your beautiful art very well.

    • Thank you Rhonda for your most generous feedback, it is always so lovely to read your detailed point of view. I tried to tie the poem and illustration into one coherent “atmospheric” post as you said. Lately I’m very much drawn towards poetry.
      Hope you having a wonderful week so far and I wish you a great rest of the week ! Hugs~Eva


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