Feathers of Hope

Feathers of HopeHope is the thing with

feathers that perches in the

soul – and sings the tunes

without words – and

never stops at all.  ~ Emily Dickinson

32 Comments to “Feathers of Hope”

  1. Really beautiful.. I never knew that anyone could bring such inventiveness to shoes

  2. Hello Eva 😃 Beautiful!

  3. Unique and interesting concept – pairing your illustrations of shows with quotes. I particularly like this quote and design.

  4. Wow… Amazing design work

  5. Just love the old west Victorian feel about this shoe design, and a little french flare too! But all with the modern twist of the 6″ heel! Beautifully expressive work Eva – love this one!

  6. a Beautiful and very evocative artwork Eva! love all the elements you have chosen to layer and weave together as one, to Suggest a story to those who listen! excellent. 🙂 cheers, Debi

  7. I sometimes think you are a fairy because everything you invent and design looks as if a princess from a fairy-tale could wear it, dear Eva. All these details are so intricate and delicate and very extraordinary and individualistic. I have never seen such beautiful shoes in my life but could imagine some models wearing them. I also like the poem a lot, it’s gorgeous. Hope you are fine, have sun in your heart, virtual hugs Mitza

    • Oh Mitza you’re most and very kind with your words, thank you for this lovely compliment. I never thought about it, with the fairy, but I do know that somehow I do get transported into an other dimension if I work on my illustrations. You made me smile and I thank you for that, love the concept of fairyland feels kinda magical!
      I do have a sunny day today which adds even more to that magic, it shapes up to be a great day and I do wish same to you my dear friend.
      Many hugs~Eva

      • For me it’s the same, when I do my artistic work I forget everything around me, my sorrows, thirst, hunger etc. and my soul flies to heaven…
        We had a cold day with very little sun and I made a long walk in the center to do some more photos from Hamburg again. Many hugs to Canada, Mitza

      • Looking forward to see all those images Mitza! The weather changed here as well, turned grey once again, but it is January after all it was expected to change back to a somewhat normal stage.
        Many hugs back to you to Hamburg~Eva

      • thanks, dear Eva. We might have the same weather. Hugs from Hamburg, Mitza

  8. Reblogged this on My Choice and commented:
    Truly original shoe designs. Eva seems to be fascinated by high heels. Inspirational blog for everyone; even if you don’t like to wear high heels yourself. I’m certainly not going to wear high heels 😀 😀 😀

  9. Wow Eva. So fantastic. How in the world do you come up with such creative ideas? Am I correctly seeing a hint of a face with a bird in the background? Very clever. Love the poem with the illustration. And the heel…. It’s stunning. 👍🏻

    • Thank you Rhonda, yes you do see correctly there is a bird and a face, had to be a bird, feathers and birds are one.
      Funny, I got many times asked how do
      I come up with ideas, well it starts
      with a piece a paper and then somehow there is something on it, all I do follow and connect the dots, really.
      There is always something I just need to bring it out from that other dimension and I love the process. I do
      get inspired by many things and all those years in art school is helpful, but I guess my imagination is the driver
      and the endless provider.
      Thank you once again for always being so kind and generous with your words!
      Have a beautiful day! Hugs~Eva

  10. This is very old fashioned, & quite romantic. ❤
    I'm a wanted woman in a sexy western. Thank you, Eva, I love this sketch, this shoe, this fantasy!

  11. So so beautiful Eva !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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