Heavens Laugh

Heavens LaughWhen you realize how

perfect everything is

you will tilt

your head back

and laugh at

the sky   ~Buddha~

32 Comments to “Heavens Laugh”

  1. Superb… You really are artistic

  2. as much as I love to see your creations so I like to read the text that follow them. Just beautiful! ❤

  3. Lovely work Eva and my prayers are with you and your family XO

  4. An excellent reminder!

  5. Eva, I love this piece of art. So pretty and the color combos and reflection of you fabulous and delicate shoe is great. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Absolutely exquisite! I love rich colors you used.

  7. Very clever Eva. Love the cool colors complimented with the warm. Your quote goes well with your beautiful illustration! Nothing is perfect in this world and that’s what we must learn to accept. Have a marvelous week!! Hugs and Blessings! ~ cheers!

  8. what a wonderful quote, dear Eva. I’m a big fan of buddhism. And of course your beautiful shoes, that bring back a warm memory of summer with those flowers. It seems they float in the sky for an enchanted princess to wear. I can see her dress from white silk with the same flowers like on the shoes swaning in the air like a bird of paradise. Just stunning. Dear Eva, have a wonderful week, with sun and everything you like, kind regards Mitza

    • Love how you always use your imagination to fill in the story and you always pick a perfectly matching outfit for my design! You’re most kind and warms my heart each time I read your thoughts, always gentle and beautiful!
      The week started with sunshine and it appears to hold on for the day, so I’m laughing just as Buddha advised us to do. May that very same Sun and Moon shine upon you on this last day of November! ~Eva 🙂

      • If I made one human being happy today, that’s nice. People always forget how easy it is to make others happy, it just takes some kind words and costs nothing, dear Eva. Thanks for your good wishes, I nearly forgot how the sun is looking, sigh, kind regards Mitza

  9. ⭐ This beautiful reflection is surely a reflection of you! ⭐ What a glorious work of art. Now, I think about imagined beauties that would wear your shoes. Like, my Art Gowns could each pick their fave!
    Wonderful work, Eva! Thank you so much for continuing your illustrations, and delighting us all! ⭐

    • What a lovely combination that would make: your gowns, my shoes (even do mine is just imaginary, yours is for REAL). Thank you for always being so very kind and generous to me Resa!
      Wishing you a marvelous week!!!

  10. How beautiful! An enchanting design and I adore the day and night composition, an absolute joy to behold on this somewhat dreary November day and despite which we have our heads leaned back laughing!


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