25 Comments to “PUMPinHALLOWEEN”

  1. Love this one, Eva. You are so clever with this design. 🙂

    • Thank you Janell, I did incorporate a lot of “scary” elements indeed. Once a year I let my “darker side” go crazy, no let me refrain that with your words “clever” scary, I like that! You made my day! 🙂

  2. Im liking your unique artwork 🙂 Now I need to find some Victorian shoes on your site and I’ll follow you forever 🙂 Point the way !! 😀 😀 😀

    • Thank you for visiting and liking my work, it is most appreciated! If you wish to see some Victorian style inspired shoe designs, you may check out the following posts “My Wish” posted in Dec 2014: “Cinder-Bella” posted in Apr 2014: “A-Brooch-Me” posted in May 2014 and probably “The Blue Quad” posted in March 2014 all of these designs have some Victorian influence, hope you will enjoy what you see! Have a wonderful week!
      Best regards,

      • Thanks 🙂 I checked em out 🙂 Its a very unique line of work, I like it 🙂

      • Happy to hear you liked it, your site is most unique as well may I add! I really enjoyed going through and reading your deep, beautiful thoughts, words of wisdom combined with most unique and beautiful images, all that combined drifts us of into another dimension where we let our minds wonder, ponder upon the meaningful content. I really like it, thanks for sharing your uniqueness with us.

  3. Oh wow Eva, all pretty and ghost like – the skeletons are the perfect element for the holiday. Wonderful design to you shoe, I feel like the shoe has gone on a moon-filled night flight (very cool back spike off the heel). I’m so late, but never too late to enjoy your incredible and visionary art. Have the most beautiful week!!

  4. Eva, Happy Halloween to you! I adore this shoe, the stitching is boss. Beautiful work and you are so greatly appreciated. Have a lovely weekend ❤

  5. Happy Halloween Dear Eva

  6. That is a fabulous Hallowe’en heel!!! Great work, Eva, and the title is a hoot!
    Brrr, I’m terrified it’s going to show up at my Hallowe’en skull fest! 😉

  7. fabulous heels!

  8. Awesome pump! Fabulous design for Halloween Eva! The bat detail is great and I love all the little rings through out. The pointed nail in the heel is a spooktacular detail!!! Wonderful as always. Happy Halloween!

  9. Dear Eva, what a fantastic idea to put a bat wing in a shoe and a claw. Great design and perfect for Halloween. The dress must be fitting in black with bat wings, too, from suede leather. Thanks for inventing such beautiful shoes and sharing them. Hope you are fine, have a wonderful day, we have wonderful sunny weather, the trees are gleaming in wonderful golden yellow and sanguine colors. This really conciliates me with autumn. Regards Mitza

    • I like the suede leather idea, what an awesome outfit would that make for a Halloween party! Happy that you got great weather, is always so very beautiful to get out and enjoy the splendor of this season! The trees are glorious creatures, love them dearly and this time of the year they really put up a show! Here is sunny as well today which is great, was raining yesterday the entire day (nothing unusual do for BC).Have a most wonderful day Mitza, enjoy the glory of Mother Nature!~Eva


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