FallLoveIf the only prayer you can ever say in your life is “Thank you”, it will be enough.

Wishing you a most wonderful and a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and a glorious, beautiful, magical Autumn season.

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  1. We’ve Woven a Web
    MAY 28, 2010 / DOUGSTUBER / EDIT
    We’ve woven a web, you and I,
    attached to the world, for no matter
    how long, inscribed, though poorly, for
    scant eyes, still, as bright a love aura as
    has ever glowed, tightly wound around
    our hearts, yet soaring miles above
    Moodeung’s fog to warm cold February.
    Sparks fly off a round-rock fire rarely seen
    in these parts. We laugh, it feels like we
    shouldn’t be here on a cold winter night,
    just a few meters from trails so packed
    during the day. This charge will never
    leave. We’ve marked this space but must
    go to where the stars shine, deer run, art springs.
    Keep my heart in your brain, words in your hair.
    Matched lifelong yearning bursts in my hand,
    fluorescent. Quick, pack what you need, let’s
    flee! live life in the positive zone, expand
    what we enjoy together, bound by the luck
    that brought us this far. Where to next?

  2. Such wonderful fall colors in this one Eva. One of my favorite color groupings. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend. My baby is turning 21 clear across the states from us, so I shall have a teary-eyed one. But I will definitely be enjoying so yummy food!

  3. Interesting theme, incredible art.

  4. Thank you very much for following my blog 🙂 Your work is beautiful!

  5. Hi Eva, Wow! Love this! The colors are so wonderfully rich. Happy Fall to you, too! It’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog, Hope all is well with you!

    • Thank you Janell! I just returned to posting after a long hard summer and getting better slowly but surely starting to create and design. Hope you had a great summer and you enjoying this beautiful rich and colorful season of autumn so far. I have to check out your beautiful fairies as well, haven’t seen them for a while! have a wonderful weekend~Eva

  6. So beautiful and lovely artworks;

    Best wishes for you and your creative works, ❤

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  8. My very first blog visit / comment as I am just back to blogging after a short recess and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you my friend and your beautiful art again. I thought of you often and am so delighted that you are slowly making your way back to us through your art. And wow what an awesome way to celebrate the Fall season, deliciously rich with autumn colored leaves surrounding your lovely shoe design – a wonderful glow about the scene. Happy Thanksgiving to you ~

    • Thank you Mary, you’re most kind! I’m happy as well to get back even do it is going to be somewhat a slow progress. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I do love fall as a matter of fact is one of my favorite seasons. Everything is so wonderfully colorful and rich for my senses. Hope you feeling OK and you recovered, I can’t tell you enough how deeply appreciate your friendship, being so supportive and always “there” for me! Thank you

  9. dear Eva, we all missed you so much and are happy to have you back on wordpress sharing your amazing creations. I love the flower on this shoe and the autumnal colors make me feel so ‘rustic’.

  10. Happy autumn to you, too. From late October through November in Austin is a pleasant time.

  11. Missed you! Welcome back!

  12. Hi Eva, I’m very happy to have you back. Really missed you. Hope you are fine and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, kind regards Mitza

  13. Nice one!!! Haven’t seen you for sometime!

  14. Hi Eva! Nice to see you back!
    I’ve missed your work!

  15. absolutely thrilled to see you back. How beautiful and autumnal!

  16. Happy fall Eva!! Love your autumn theme and beautiful high heel. Hope your summer was a good one! ~ Rhonda

  17. very interesting image indeed, thank you


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