Love Notes

Love NotesGive with Love,

Smile with Love,

Kiss with Love,

Hug with Love,

Touch with Love,

Spread the Love.

Happy Valentines!


27 Comments to “Love Notes”

  1. This is lovely. May I have your permission to download your shoes to use as desktop wallpaper? I keep files of artists I particularly like and would love for you to be among them.

    • I do appreciate for asking permission, as long as you use it exclusively only for personal use and not commercial purposes. I did have some not so “nice” experiences and I’m very cautious with such matters. I do hope you understand and respect the agreement you enter upon. On a more happy note, I’m delighted that you choose my illustrations to join the other artists!
      Have a most wonderful week!~Eva

      • Of course I understand and will take great care of your art. It is solely for my own enjoyment on my computer and will be used for no other purpose. I wanted to email one of them to the three women most important in my life, but thought no, that would be a violation of trust. So I sent them links to your blog and all three of them say it is fantastic. I could list all the superlatives they used, but it would take up the whole page. They might very well follow you too. Concerning the other artists, you are among Monet, Van Gogh, Turner, Waterhourse, Bouguereau, Lord Leighton, Renoir, the Rosettis, Thomas Cole, Cicely Mary Barker, another artist I found online and last but not least, my father’s art. He does sculptures, wall pieces and such in various mediums, some in soap stone, some in wood, he uses scrap aluminum and even carves in flay on occasion then has the piece hast in bronze. I should ask him if it was OK for me to display some of his stuff on my site. But anyway, you’re in good company. I also keep a massive folder of gorgeous shoes and use them for wallpaper too. =)

      • What an honour and privilege to share space with such accomplished artists.
        My grandfather was a sculptor as well, I guess I have inherited the artistic talent from him, loved every minute I have spend studying art! We had the best of times together! Would love to see some of your father’s work.
        Thank you for respecting our agreement, is much appreciated.
        Wishing you a most wonderful week!

      • I’ll see if I can either display some of my Dad’s pieces on my website or find the address of his own and send it to you. One of the other should work.

  2. Beautiful. Do you Airbrush these works of art or do you paint in another medium?

  3. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, it is appreciated…as far as “not so sure what this is” I will wait till you further explore and find an explanation. For now I will take the “pretty cool” as you liked what you saw and thank you for that.
    Best regards,
    Eva Marks

  4. Eva, this is so beautiful. I love hearts and you really showcased them in this design. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine weekend. And so glad we connected on FB, Thanks for finding my page. 🙂

    • Thank you Janell, glad you liked my “hearts”, indeed I had a wonderful Valentines and I’m glad I found you on FB. I’m not so active at that platform, I concentrate more on WP but once in a while I check out the new posts there as well. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  5. …you Madame, are in a class by yourself! Spectacular work.Hope you also had a nice Valentine’s Day.

  6. Dear Eva this work is amazing!!

  7. When I close my eyes I sea a beautiful fairy flying around with your shoes and all her dress is decorated with red hearts. Beautiful post, Eva, wish you a wonderful Valentine’s, too, regards Mitza

  8. … and now I am commenting with love! Happy Valentine’s Day, Eva! Gorgeous sketch!!!

  9. Oh Eva! This is so lovely! I like how the heel reminds me of a vase gently holding the feet as if they were flowers. Love the way you handled the background like a love letter! Happy Valentines Day to you!

  10. Ah Eva you know how to turn it on!! Wow this is awesome shoe design for the most perfect day of love – it has a great deal of sass, and the heart, well it is all about love ~

    Beautiful message – hope you have a most wonderful day!


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