Gold Star

Gold StarWith all that snow coming down I started checking out some boxes on my wish list! Party shoe: checked!


12 Comments to “Gold Star”

  1. Very sweet, Eva! 🙂

  2. Wow!!! Eva when I opened my email with your illustration inside, I said to myself “Wow Eva, look what you created!” This is so wonderful!! I LOVE the snow coming down, and the 3d effect of the box. And that shoe….Oh to die for! The buckles are perfect for the season and the gold tone coordinated so well with the box, makes me think of Christmas and the New Year! The gold stars are a perfect detail for the entire effect! Bravo!!

    • Wow, Rhonda what a great feedback, love how detailed you get with your comments, just as your paintings are so detailed and beautiful! I love how you depicting, describing each and every aspect of my illustrations, I’m so appreciating that you take time to do that, thank you so, so very much! xoxo~ Eva

  3. Eva this is very festive and a definite reflection of the whimsy and joy of the season…kudoz…

    • Well thank you very much! Looking forward to your holiday posts, I loved your Thanksgiving ones! I have to start working on my Thanksgiving too before the real Christmas season kicks in, so this post was a kinda prelude to it.

  4. Is this a great shoe box or what! Just love it – a beautiful work of art, would make a great addition to a dressing closet. The shoes are awesome Eva – perfect for the season of holiday parties, as the gold glitter and sparkles. Great buckle strapes!

    • Holiday parties, that’s exactly what I had in my mind! Glitter, sparkles and golden stars “almost” ready for the holiday season, my favorite time of the year! Thank you Mary for your generous feedback and comments, always looking forward to it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh, l love these! And I love the color scheme. I am into gold this holiday season, too. And I’d love a big box of shoes designed by you, too!

    • Thank you Janell! Soon enough we will see gold all over once again with the approaching holiday season so I thought that would just do perfect to have a golden box full of golden shoes! I’m glad you liked my box and if I could I would send you a huge box full of it!

  6. Wow! I would want a big box like that full of shoes designed by you 🙂


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