Dali and Picasso

Dali and PicassoArt is a way of expressing, channeling, conveying one’s feelings, moods, thoughts, visions, ideas or concepts, it is also a saturated place from which one can find endless inspiration just as I have. Salvador Dali’s and Pablo Picasso’s art is such a place for me. I combined the two throughout my way of expressing myself to the world: designing and illustrating shoes.

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”- Salvador Dali

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”- Pablo Picasso

30 Comments to “Dali and Picasso”

  1. Wow Eva these beautiful creations totally escaped my Reader, sorry for being late to the celebration! Because celebration it is of your artistry that’s unmatched in design and quality. Incredible to me that you’ve been able to understand and visual Dali and Picasso’s individual style and incorporate them into shoe designs, so not only are the styles recognized, but you created stan.”dalone designs that speak directly of “Eva.” To me it’s why you are in an artistic element all your own. You are the symbol of what art “is

    • Wow, I’m super flattered by your compliment Mary! That is what I’m striving for by choosing to illustrate and or design shoes which will be perceived as works of “art”! It is a way of expressing the love and respect what I have for art, artists and I’m so happy knowing that my intentions are getting recognized by fellow artists. Thank you so much for your continuous support and generous comments and compliments, it is very much appreciated!

  2. So special! As Dalì and Picasso were!

  3. Now that is COOL!

  4. Wow! You’ve managed to do justice to both these amazing artists…only a true artist could pull off an amalgamation of Dali and Picasso! Awesome stuff πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for your wonderful compliment, I’m still absorbing the”only a true artist” part off it and that part made my day! I’m glad you enjoyed my amalgamation of my favorite two artists!

  5. DalΓ­ would be right at home with the way you incorporated his motifs into your creation.

    I visited the DalΓ­ Museum in Figueres and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona in 1985. Put them on your list of places to visit when you get the chance (assuming you haven’t already been there).

    • Now that is the best compliment I could get, thank you very much! I have studied both artists in art school and as you know by now I love them both, but I haven’t got the opportunity to see they works of art as you have. What a wonderful experience that must be to see it all in real! If I could get to visit both places many, many days would be spent absorbing and inhaling they beautiful art!

      • The trip to Catalonia was wonderful, but even as a teenager I’d seen works by Picasso and DalΓ­ in New York. In fact the Museum of Modern Art there was coincidentally the first place I ever heard the Catalan language spoken. I was walking behind a couple of people on a staircase and I heard them talking. Because Catalan is a Romance language, I could vaguely catch some bits of the conversation. Eventually I asked the people what language they were speaking, and I was told it was Catalan.

      • The Museum of Modern Arts is another place I wish I could go, probably I would put a tent up and spend day and night in there! Consider yourself lucky to have seen such places and witnessed such displays of beautiful artworks! Thanks for sharing your story! πŸ™‚

  6. Well said, Eva…. πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh Eva!!!! Not only is this illustration eye candy but intellectually stimulating as well! There is so much to look at. The way you incorporated both masters styles into yours is remarkable. Truly a work of art! BRAVO!!!!!

    • Oh, what a beautiful compliment for one to get, thank you very much! It is such an honor that my work is getting appreciated and perceived as “work of art”, can’t explain how happy that makes me feel to know that I accomplished to change the “shoe department section” to be seen as a tool for expressing art!

  8. Absolutely agree!


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