The Face

The FaceYour new arm candy with a new trend, so go ahead flaunt it.


10 Comments to “The Face”

  1. fantastically original. your work amazes me and I look forward, very much to following your designs. I adore this purse, very cool ❤

  2. Oh, I LOVE her! ~amy

    • Thanks Amy, I had fun designing this with all the trends with faces and artist murals in fashion I just had to have my on “face” design too:) Art and fashion goes hand in hand, designers always take inspiration from art and they integrating it in they own way into collections. I’m happy you love it:):):)

      • and designers take inspiration from life. I love your work, Eva! ~amy

      • That’s correct, for me inspiration can come from anything what will stir up my emotions: nature, architecture, words, music, art, colors, faces, feelings the list is endless. I just love to express myself over a piece of blank paper, drawing is my daily bread and water, without it I’m starving and feel empty. I’m happy you like my daily bread and water because I like to share what I got! Eva:)

      • I used to be like that, drawing & painting everyday. But since the bones in my broken pelvis caused me too much pain to sit longer then 15 minutes at a time, i gave it up. Except for simple drawings for my art class kids. But I’m feeling better & if you could see my art studio, you will see that I’m planning on rearranging the room to MAKE me sit down & paint again. I love photography & gardening, but I want to be all of me again. ~amy

      • You should get one of those drawing tables where you stand while you work, even for me is hard to sit for a long period of time, my legs are killing me. My blood circulations is a problem, but then again I can’t stop. Your new rearranged studio will inspire you to create something awesome and find yourself back again loving the “pencil”, I promise! Eva:):):)

      • I have a bar height table for my art class, but it is also for me, so that I can change positions. My physical therapist said EVERYONE needs to stand up & stretch every 20 minutes or so…perhaps you should include yourself in that exercise! 🙂 ~amy

      • Yes ma’am, I will take your and your therapist advise and try to apply it every 20 min….. but I can’t promise!


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